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I like the methods of safer sex I already practice, and while they may get in the way per se, they’re not as invasive nor as expensive.There’s also the very real risk of developing Truvada-resistant strains of HIV in a big cultural petri dish, and since Truvada is the frontline drug, this is worrying. Lastly, could you answer this a question for you from a reader?

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I really want to meet up with him again, but I’m scared that the same thing will happen.

What do you think the problem is, and what would you suggest I do?

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For some gay men (barebacking enthusiasts, sex workers, people in serodiscordant relationships, people in consent-challenged relationships)—Truvada, which has to be taken (for now at least) daily in order to keep the amount in the bloodstream at effective levels, seems to make a lot of sense, and I think people in those groups were among the first adopters of the drug. There is some thrill in the idea of fucking without a condom for a lot of gay men, even those who wouldn’t call themselves “barebackers,” per se.

Perhaps it has more to do with owning up to their desires for sex that are considered wrong, dirty or dangerous.

Woah, porn star who says smart things and does other shit besides porn!?

It’s like modern porn stars can be entrepreneurs who consider sex work just one way of making money!

Before my ex, I never really watched porn and used to masturbate using my own imagination.

Since the breakup I have watched porn on my own twice—I got hard, ejaculated and everything was normal, but generally I’m struggling to get an erection now.

There are lots of different ways to practice safer sex (talking with partners and fucking the ones you trust, condoms, getting tested regularly, having sex with just one partner who is doing the same right back, perhaps taking Pr EP), so for some, Pr EP is seen as another tool for practicing safer sex.


  1. On Fiilr, the photos and datas users post about themselves are individually moderated, the editors strive to present serious dating partners for everyone.

  2. At a time when UK authorities are undergoing a review of guidelines for treating transgender children, this insightful documentary examines the cases of three very different children wrapped up in the radically different US treatment methods.

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