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I wasn't exactly ideal wife material for an up-and-coming young politician.

I knew we hadn't a future, so I got out.' Jonathan accepted her decision and had no idea how much she loved him.

In fact, if things had turned out differently he could now have been Tory leader.

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JONATHAN and Elizabeth Aitken are just back from their honeymoon and are living in the bride's elegant London mansion flat.

She's looking svelte and stunning in a cream suit, with a diamond-encrusted wedding ring.

It's on an island, with its own private beach and cinema, and you can only get there by boat.

'Every morning, I worked on a book I'm writing, Psalms For People Under Pressure. She said: "What a book to be writing on your honeymoon." ' The wedding was the perfect ending to an interrupted love affair which began in the 1970s.

'Afterwards, I said: "Wasn't that lovely of Damian?

" Jonathan said: "He did seem rather anxious to get rid of you."' William's speech began: 'Usually a best man is able to entrance all the wedding guests with a few salacious stories about the bridegroom's past indiscretions.

As always, she's wearing her favourite scent, Fracas, and doesn't look a day older than when I interviewed her 27 years ago after her divorce from movie star Rex Harrison.

'That's private, Lynda,' is all she will say to any questions about a facelift.

Unfortunately, I can't do that as it's already been done by the tabloids.' Jamie brought the house down by tapping the mike three times, saying 'Testing, testing, testing' before adding: 'I'm not referring to my mother's previous marriages.' Finally, at midnight, the bridal couple left their guests by quickstepping out of the party as the steel band played on.


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