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At Essex, in projects supervised and guided by the data creators, the transcripts were treated as a priority collection for digitisation and enhancing access.

At the British Library, however, the audio collection is one among many; it is not even clear what proportion of the collecon has been migrated to digital formats, or whether this is an ongoing process.

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Meanwhile, the transcripts were archived at the University of Essex.

The original paper and microfiche versions were deposited with the National Social Policy and Social Change Archive at the University of Essex during the 1990s.

[The interviews were] for the book, was the original idea.

But I think we fairly quickly realised that we had, really, fallen on an extraordinarily rich material, and we couldn't possibly exhaust it with one book.

Registration is required for access to data; the service has a strong emphasis on UK higher/further education use, and although people without a UK HE/FE institutional affiliation can apply for user accounts, registration is a less straightforward process.

After registration, it is also necessary to register specific data usages of data outlining the uses that will be made of the dataset(s).

However, item records show that many of the interviews have been migrated to a digital format (mp3 files are listed for listening purposes).

No information is provided about the digitisation, but it is likely that it was part of the BL's Archival Sound Recordings digitisation programme.

The research materials were divided into separate collections for preservation and access purposes at a very early stage.

The audiotapes of the interviews - which had been recorded on reel-to-reel machines both for recording quality and long-term durability - were deposited at the British Library for safe keeping.

Edwardians Online was ESDS Qualidata's first major digitisation project, which took place in two phases.

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