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Here are just a sampling:'s mathematical matchmaker poses some interesting questions about human nature.

In addition to tuning into your behavior to decide who you might like, also tunes into the behavior of people who are like you.

The site looks for other users whose behavior mirrors your own (i.e.'s algorithms might begin to include some men who fit into that category in your recommendations.

"Instead of trying to create the perfect algorithm, we try to create the perfect algorithm for you," Thombre says.

The team's efforts, despite the challenge, seems to be working — the first changes alone resulted in a doubling of "yes" matches on the site.

We sat down with Thombre and President Mandy Ginsberg to learn more about the math behind improving matches.

And even if you do, dating online can seem overwhelming with endless profiles to trawl through.

At e Harmony, we do the hard work for you by selecting your compatible matches and delivering them straight to your inbox We match you with people who share your attitudes, beliefs and values.

"It could be their sense of humor, it could be the way they smile, the way that their facial structure is — all of these abstract patterns ...

we just try to identify the pattern and find more people like that for you." In 16 years of business, has collected a mass of data that any human behavior researcher would envy (competitor e Harmony has been at it for 14 years).

Because of this dissonance,'s recommendation engine considers what "must have" criteria you will compromise on and when you make those compromises.

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