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Many first-time tenants worry that because they cannot prove a rental history, they will not be able to rent a property - leading to a catch-22-type situation.

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You must complete the inspection report and return it to the agent/owner within the specified number of days or the condition of the property is deemed to be accurate as at the agent's completion.

If you do need additional assistance, help is also available from various bodies, depending on the state or territory you live in.

The documentation required to be given to you at the time of sign-up differs slightly from state to state, however, the following items are required in most jurisdictions: A residential tenancy agreement is a legal binding written contract between you, as a tenant or resident and a property landlord, is also commonly called a lease.

This document should be given to the tenant before paying any money or being committed to the tenancy.

The system adopted was that every importer was required to give a statement as to they extent of his import business during the preceding years, and on the basis of that statement, a licence was given to him to import up to a limit.

That was introduced in August , September, 1941, while the war was on, with a view to regulate and control imports.

The suit was dismissed on the findings that the parties stood in the relationship of seller and purchaser, and not agent and principal and that the title in the goods could only pass to the appellants when the respondents appropriated them to the appellants' contracts. As regards the other clauses, the true relationship is, as stated in cl.

HEADNOTE: The appellants filed a suit for damages for conversion against the respondents on the allegations that the respondents were the agents of the appellants, that the- appellants had placed orders for certain goods with the respondents, and that the respondents had actually imported the goods but refused to deliver them to the appellants. It is clear that the agreement read as a whole is a composite one consisting of two distinct matters. 4 is concerned, the second plaintiff was merely an agent of the defendants.

Make sure both you and the landlord agree on the contents of the condition report before signing it.

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