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The boyfriend then shot himself in the head, Janet Kuhn said.Janet Kuhn said her daughter grew up in Mc Lean, Virginia.

Janet Kuhn thinks it was a reference to the situation with her granddaughter.

Her daughter had also asked for recommendations of documentaries about World War II that the family could watch together.

Buckley Kuhn-Fricker was so disturbed by what she discovered about her teenage daughter’s boyfriend that she spent a tumultuous week pushing for a breakup.

By Thursday, she texted a friend saying the “outspoken Neo Nazi” was out of their lives.

There was anger, crying and a long discussion about the Nazis, she said, but the teenager eventually agreed it was in her best interests to end the relationship. A woman who answered the phone at one number associated with the teen’s family hung up when called by a reporter.

After the girl broke it off, Kuhn-Fricker texted a friend on Thursday night, saying she had sent the following message to the boyfriend’s mother: “[The boyfriend] was sneaking into our house at night . A woman who answered another number linked to the family declined to comment.Friends and family said Kuhn-Fricker, who owned an elder-care business, was tolerant and passionate about civil rights and social justice, so she put her foot down after discovering alarming tweets and Twitter messages she believed were connected to her 16-year-old daughter’s boyfriend after looking at the girl’s phone.She believed the messages were posted under an assumed name.A teenage girl’s “outspoken Neo Nazi” boyfriend allegedly killed his girlfriend’s parents after they ordered their daughter to break up with him because they thought he was a white supremacist.The killings occurred when the family gathered in their Virginia home for Christmas on early Friday morning.A friend reported to But the boy continued to creep into her home and Kuhn-Fricker told a friend he had sent this message to his mother on Thursday night: “[The boyfriend] was sneaking into our house at night…and is an outspoken Neo Nazi.

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